Halibut fillet


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The halibut can become very large, up to 4.7 meters in length and weighing 320 kilograms. The fish becomes sexually mature at a length of 1.2 meters and rarely measures longer than 2 meters. He can live up to 50 years old. The right side (“top”) of the fish is green-brown to black, the left side (“bottom”) is glossy white.
The diet of the fish consists mainly of animal food. Young animals mainly eat shellfish and crabs, adult halibut are predatory fish that are less bound to the seabed. This means that large halibut can also be found in the open water between the bottom and the water surface.
This species is found in the northwest and northeast of the Atlantic Ocean. At a depth of 50 to 2000 meters.
This fish is extremely rare on the Dutch coast.

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