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The squids (Cephalopoda) are a class of animals belonging to the tribe of molluscs (Mollusca).
Cuttlefish are only found in salt water and live in all seas. They are able to change color. Most squids grow fast and have a short life, usually only live one to two years, with the exception of several deep-sea and pool species and the nautiluses that can grow much older.
They move by pumping water into their mantle that they squeeze out forcefully, along the siphon. All squids are carnivores. The food consists mainly of fish, crabs, lobsters and molluscs that they catch with their suction cups on their gripping arms.
The squid's body is soft and brittle, which is why most squids have different techniques for camouflage or distraction. The best known distraction technique is spraying with ink.

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